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Tyrannosaurus Rex
Also Known as T.Rex
Appeared in Series 1
Series 6
Monster in my Pocket comic
Dinosaur in My Pocket
Number 6
Point Value 25

Tyrannosaurus Rex is monster #6 in Series 1, and monster #145 in Series 6. It was the first monster name to make a second appearance in the series.

Series One Edit

The original version of Tyrannosaurus Rex is depicted as a Godzilla-like figure, with an upright stance, large, muscular arms, and a deep face with a snarling mouth. The skin has a scaled detailing. Its points value is 25, and it was available in green and purple original colours, plus all four later neon colours, and in rarer pine green and neon orange editions.

According to Series 1 promotional materials,  "Tyrannosaurus Rex, or "T.Rex," as his friends call him, is the king of dinosaurs. He lived in prehistoric times and was thought to be just another old fossil until he was reawakened by a violent earthquake on his remote Caribbean island. Rising from the ocean, he uses his giant stubby legs to kick over anything that gets in his way, and his enormous "whale tail" can clear an entire acre of land with one wag. Taller than most buildings, this amphibious creature doesn't mess with eating people, he eats whole cities, (and usually a suburb for dessert)! It's no wonder this entire species became extinct millions of years ago - they probably couldn't find anyone to play with!"

Comic AppearancesEdit

Tyrannosaurus Rex made two appearances in the Monster in My Pocket comic series. His first appearance was in the initial Monster Mountain scene in Issue 1, where the distinctly Godzilla-like T. Rex was seen to tower over all the other monsters present. He had a more significant role in the strip 'Destroy All Monsters.' In this, the miniaturised T. Rex fed his hunger for radioactive materials by eating phosphorescent glow putty, causing him to increase in size and terrorise Jack Miles and his brother Tom. In chapter two, 'War of the Monsters,' his rampage continued, and , despite the best efforts of Jotun Troll, Vampiress, the Phantom of the Opera, Hobgoblin, the Invisible Man and the Monster, absorbed microwaves and devoured a radioactive source in a smoke alarm, causing him to increase yet further in size. Finally, in chapter three, 'Swamp Beast, ' the eponymous swamp monster himslef grew to enormous size and defeated the T. Rex. Tyrannosaurus Rex's factfile describes him as having "immeasurable strength," and the ability to produce "super-heated plasma from his mouth, known as atomic breath." Golem describes him as "The King of the Monsters, and perhaps the most powerful creature to ever walk the face of the Earth!" (Although the Great Beast may have something to say about that.) T. Rex doesn't appear to be allied with the Warlock's evil monsters, but rather an unaligned force of destruction.

Series Six Edit


In Series 6 - the Dinosaurs - Tyrannosaurus Rex was recreated more in keeping with the real animal. This version has the large, long head, tiny arms and long tail associated with the creature. It is depicted in an upright stance, its tail dragging along the ground, as was common in earlier reconstructions of the species; modern reconstructions show the creature holding its head and tail out roughly parallel, its back straight. Tyrannosaurus Rex was the first monster of Series 6, and had a points value of 150.

Another version of the figure was released as one of the four Dinosaur in My Pocket Kids' Meals giveaways. This figure was similar in appearance to the main Series 6 version, but in a single colour, like the Series 1 toy. Like the main Series 6 release, it had a point value of 150. This makes Tyrannosaurus Rex the only monster to have had three versions released throughout the MIMP range, with the exception of the four monsters in the Super Scary Howlers range.

Monster Background Edit

Tyrannosaurus rex, often abbreviated to T. rex or T-Rex, is one of the most well-known and popular dinosaurs. At a length of 12 to 13 metres, a height of 4 metres and a mass of almost seven metric tons, it was one of the largest carnivorous dinosaurs. Its name means "tyrant lizard king." T. rex had a huge, heavy head, its jaws lined with razor sharp teeth, which was balanced by a long, muscular tail. It had powerful legs, and its forelimbs, although proportionately very small, with only two fingers, were in actuality quite strong. Debate continues regarding whether it was an active hunter, or primarily a scavenger of carrion, although most scientists now regard it as an opportunistic hunter, like most large, carnivorous animals today. Tyrannosaurus rex was a dinosaur of the order Saurischia and the suborder Theropoda, part of the tyrannosaur family.

Trading card textEdit

Species: Dinosaur

Born: During Prehistoric Mesozoic Era

Habitat: Remote islands in the Caribbean

Tyrannosaurus Rex or "T.Rex" like his friend call him is the king of dinosaurs. He lived in the prehistoric era and was thought he was a simple fossil until he was awakened in his remote island by a violent eathquake. Emerges from oceans and with his gigantic legs and his big tail, similar to that of the whales, crushes everything and can sweep away hectares of land with a backlash. He is higher than a skyscraper. This creature feeds only with buildings entire cities and outskirts (as dessert). No wonder if this species extinguished million years ago, probably thay had no one to play with.

Konami Video gameEdit

Tyrannosaurus Rex (NES)
The classic fire breathing dinosaur

This is the first enemy that appears in Stage 6.

The video game takes liberty with the monster, giving it a fire breath.

Trading card front Edit

Tyrannosaurus Rex2

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Gallery Edit

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Tyrannosaurus article at Wikipedia

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